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Aircraft noise

SOGAER has adopted a continuous monitoring system for airport noise and collaborates with the competent national Authorities in developing strategies for the regulation and control of civil flight operations and the implementation of new procedures for air traffic management with the aim of mitigating the noise levels produced.

The Noise Level Monitoring System at Cagliari Airport measures the noise level by means of sensors installed on the airport premises and in the immediate surrounding area. Data related to every single event is acquired and sent to a database located in the main server for further analysis.



In compliance with national and local regulations, Cagliari Airport is equipped with a discharge water treatment plant. Chemical analysis and monitoring of waste water quality is periodically performed by an external certified laboratory.

SOGAER has adopted a water saving policy with the aim of safeguarding the environment, preventing pollution and limiting consumption.


In April 2012 SOGAER obtained the authorisation for industrial use of the water treated in the sterilisation plant.



SOGAER is constantly committed in minimizing the environmental impact of the airport’s activities by selecting the most efficient procedures, equipment and materials for its purposes. The different types of waste produced in the airport area are collected separately in order to enhance appropriate waste recovery and disposal.